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Our Vision and Mission


Achieve harmony between human and ocean environment and living things so that we can all co-exist in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.


Promote the advancement of a sustainable ocean and marine resources through scientific contribution. 

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Why Beach Bay Ocean?

From your sun-tanning on the beach to a stand-up-paddling in the bay area, diving in the sea, and having a great seafood dinner after, humans are so connected to the ocean beyond our comprehension.

Humans activities is a proven contributor to global warming which in turn damages the ocean ecosystem. We rely on our oceans for food, regulation of temperature and lots of leisure. Yet, we take oceans for granted.

From Beach to Bay and Ocean, we must save our oceans for our generations to come.

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Who We Are

Co-Founder - Samuel Mak and John Wong

We are born ocean lovers and aqua-sports fanatics. There must be a connection in doing both in a responsible and sustainable way so that humans can live in harmony with the all the living things in the oceans.

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