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VRC Hong Kong Beach Water Polo Tournament 2021 

Game Rules 比賽規則

1. Game Format and Duration:

1.1. Each Game - 3 sets, highest score or first team to score 6 goals wins the set and gain one set point.

1.2. Each set is 5 minutes running clock. There is no timeout except in the case of player injury or 5m penalty shot.


2. Men’s Open: 13 Teams

Preliminary: 4 groups of 3 to 4 teams in round robin

2.1. Game system: Round Robin


2.2. Preliminary each group the Champion will progress through to Cup, the second place will enter Plate, the third and fourth will contest the Bowl.

2.3. There will be Cup, Plate and Bowl in the final round. Each consisted of 4 teams. The fourth from the first group will compete with the team that obtained the lowest point among the other three groups first in order to decide the final 4 for entering the Bowl. 

2.4. Game System: Knockout rounds consisting of semifinals and the gold and bronze medal matches.


3. Women’s Open: 5 Teams

Game system: Round Robin

4. Match Scoring:

The winner gains 3 points and the loser gains no point. If the match ends in a draw, each team will gain 1 point.

4.1 In the Round-robin stage, the classification of teams will be made on point. If 2 or more teams in the same group score the same points the ranking of the teams involved will be determined according to the following order of priority:

(i) Head-to-head points - the number of set points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned

(ii) Head-to-head goal difference - the goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned (calculated by subtracting goals conceded from goals scored)

(iii) Head-to-head goals scored - the number of goals scored in the group matches between the teams concerned 

If the ranking of the teams scoring the same points cannot be determined on the basis of criteria (i) to (iii) mentioned above, the team that has the greater goal difference among all teams on the group table will be placed in the higher ranking. If the goal differences are also equal, the team scoring more goals as indicated on the group table will get a higher ranking. If the scores are still equal, ranking will be decided by 5M penalty shot as the same in knockout stage.

4.2. In knockout stage, if tie in 3 sets will go to 5M penalty shot, each team presents 3 players for the first round , if still tie will become the Golden goal for the rest players , cannot shot twice until all player shot once.


5. Teams and Substitutes:

5.1. Each team shall consist of four players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper, and not more than three reserves who may be used as substitutes.

5.2. A goalkeeper who has been replaced by a substitute may play in any position.

5.3. In case of Substitute, Player need swim to the corner on the opposite side of the referee and touch the marker (a coloured buoy), the Substituted player can go to the field immediately.


6. No show

No showing up after 5 mins of the starting time of the match, will count as lose 0:3 in set score.


7. Other rules:

7.1. For restarting after a goal, goalkeeper puts the ball in play immediately after scoring.

7.2. Direct shot after foul is allowed beyond 5 meters.

7.3. Goalkeepers cannot shoot and over half court.

7.4. NO any corner throw (expected conscious action) Goalkeeper Block to sideline NO corner.

7.5. NOT allow direct shoot in corner throw.

7.6. In case of Exclusion Foul, Player need swim to the corner on the opposite side of the referee and touch the marker (a coloured buoy), after touched can back to the field immediately.

7.7. If both side got exclusion at the same time, offensive side can maintain its possession of the ball.

7.8. Women players are allowed to join men’s open group.


8. Major foul:

8.1. Unlimited Exclusion in the match.

8.2. If referee to believe players who continue/ conscious major foul, referee can directly to give the players Yellow Card or Red Card (Suspense on that match).

8.3. A brutality foul is called when a player kicks or strikes an opponent or official with malicious intent. For player that has been get exclusion with brutality, he/she will be banned in the whole tournament as well.

8.4. Foul language is prohibited in the tournament. Player will get red card on violate this rule.


9. Wasting time

No shot clock but Referee can consider giving foul to team which stagnant play /continue Back Pass goalkeeper.


10. Other rules and regulations shall follow the latest version from FINA.

1. 比賽形式和時間:

1.1. 每場比賽共三局,每局五分鐘。每局先取 分或得較高分數隊伍將取得該局分數。

1.2. 每局時限為 5 分鐘,不設停錶。除五碼罰球或特殊情況,其餘時間不設暫停。

2. 男子公開組: 13 

初賽: 參賽隊伍分為四個組别,每組三至四隊

2.1. 比賽模式: 單循環賽

2.2. 初賽每組首名會進入最高級別盃賽,每組第二名會進入第二級別盃賽,每組第三及四名會進入碗賽。
2.3. 各隊將依照初賽成績進行上述級別盃賽,每個級別由四支隊伍競逐。初賽第一組第四名隊伍會與另外三組第三名中最低分隊伍對賽以決定碗賽出線隊伍。
2.4. 比賽模式: 半準決賽、銅牌戰及金牌戰會以淘汰賽形式進行。

3. 女子公開賽:5 

循環賽制: 參賽隊伍將進行單循環賽

4. 比賽得分:

勝方 3 分,和局 1 分,負方 0 分。
4.1 在循環賽階段,隊伍名次將取決於隊伍總得分。若兩隊或更多隊伍出現同分,隊伍名次將取決於以下按先後次序):
(i) 對賽局分數:相關隊伍於所有分組賽事取得的總局得分。
(ii) 對賽淨勝球數:相關隊伍於所有分組賽事取得的淨勝入球數。
(iii) 對賽總入球數:相關隊伍於分組賽事取得的總入球數。​

4.2 在淘汰賽階段,如果三局對賽後雙方仍然平手,將進行五碼定點球決勝負。每隊首輪將派岀三名球員。若三名球員上場後仍未能分岀勝負,則進入即時死亡階段,先入球隊伍獲勝。隊伍所有球員均上場一次後,球員方能再次上場。

5. 球隊和替補:
5.1. 每隊岀賽由四名隊員組成,其中一名為守門員,替補隊員不得超過三名隊員。

5.2. 被替補隊員換下的守門員可以參與任何位置。

5.3. 被替補隊員需游至裁判對面的角落,觸碰對面角浮波,替補隊員可立即上場。

6. 未能準時報到

五分鐘尚未到達比賽埸區,視為棄權,負方判局數 0:3 落敗。

7. 其他規則:

7.1. 入球後,需由守門員重新發球。

7.2. 球員於五碼線外取得犯規後可直接射門。

7.3. 守門員不得射球或越過半場。

7.4. 不設角球(除首方刻意把球送到底線, 例如守門員保護球時把球送出底線)。

7.5. 攻方取得角球後,球員不得直接射門。

7.6. 犯規出場: 觸摸裁判對面角浮波,可以馬上返回比賽場。

7.7. 如果雙方同時被判嚴重犯規,進攻方可繼續擁有控球權。

7.8. 女子球員可參與男子公開組別比賽。


8. 嚴重犯規:

8.1. 比賽不設嚴重犯規次數上限。

8.2. 若裁判相信球員會繼續或有意圖作岀嚴重犯規,則有權直接出示黃牌或紅牌(只限當場比賽) 。

8.3. 若球員蓄意攻擊對方球員或工作人員將被視為粗暴犯規。整個賽事需要停賽。

8.4. 比賽中禁止使用粗言穢語,違例者將被紅牌趕出場。


9. 刻意拖延時間:



10. 其他規則和制度以國際泳聯的最新版本為準。

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