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BBO x HKUSWIMS Marine Health Assessment of the Coastal Area
on Hong Kong Island South - ARMS Retrival Workshop

4 December 2022

​BBO and HKU Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS)  launched a Deep Water Bay Marine Ecological Assessment pilot project in December 2021. The project includes placing three ARMS on the seabed of Deep Water Bay. ARMS stands for Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure. The BBO Junior Team is currently recruiting ten secondary school students who are interested in marine conservation. On Sunday, 4 Dec 2022, we will witness the retrieval of the ARMS which will be transported to the SWIMS at Cape d'Aguilar.  We will work together with marine scientists there to analyze what marine species have visited the ARMS. The result will help us understand more about the marine health at Deep Water Bay. 


It is a day of fun and learning about marine conservation.  Everyone is welcome to sign up!

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