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Coastal marine health ARMS Pilot Project

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12 December 2021

“Are the fish and their friends okay that we swim ‘inside’ their home?” asked 12-yr old Wesley while taking a dip at Deep Water Bay.We do not quite know the answer yet but the team at the Beach Bay Ocean Foundation BBO is all set on a quest for THE answer: assessing the health of the beach habitat. With the support of The Swire Institute of Marine Science, BBO had deployed 3 ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures) in Deep Water Bay area today (12 Dec 2021) to see who the organisms are and assess how they feel about their home there.

It’s part of a BBO Pilot Project that also surveys user behaviour and engage with local community. Students, residents, aquatic sports enthusiasts and beach visitors will be invited to participate in the ARMS retrieval workshop later. These combined findings may provide insights on what can be done to improve both the beach environment and its public usage. It is a small start to understand deeper about human-coastal area relationship.

It is BBO’s mission to promote sustainable marine resources through connecting aquatic sports and scientific contribution.

If you like water sports and love to participate in BBO activities, please contact us:

Special thanks to Phil Thompson of HKU SWIMS, Jeff as volunteer-diver and Ellen Mak as photographer. Great weather today!

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