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A Perfect Day to visit SWIMS

A great meeting with the Director of SWIMS and Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU Prof Williams at its newly renovated lab at Cape d’Aguilar!

Have you ever see this fin whale and do you know about its history? In the summer of 1955, a baby Fin whale was discovered in Hong Kong waters. The 9m-long skeleton of this majestic creature was preserved by experts from The University of Hong Kong and displayed on campus before being relocated to its current home, on the shores of Cape d’Aguilar, at the Swire Institute of Marine Science, with the aim of sharing this inspiring symbol for marine conservation with all of Hong Kong’s people. Unfortunately, as super typhoon Mangkhut ravaged Hong Kong in 2018, the whale’s bones were severely damaged and its condition has since deteriorated. Let's show support and also be a contributor in naming the whale! Whether call it 比比 (Bei Bei), 維仔 (Wai Jai), 洋洋 (Yeung Yeung) or anything you want! Seize the opportunities and give some support to our beloved ocean!

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